About KASL

KASL (The Korean Association of Slavic Languages) is the one and only academic society of Slavic Linguistics in Korea. The KASL was founded in 1996.

KASL publishes " Issledovaniya po Slavyanskim Yazykam (ISYa)", the biannual journal of Slavic Languages. ISYa is available on the website and . Each volume contains a number of articles written by Slavic linguists from all over the world. If you want to send us an article, please join "Journal & Article Management System (jams)" .

KASL hosts biannual seminars and conferences. Presentations contain interesting topics regarding all aspects about Slavic languages. Subjects vary from Old Church Slavics to contemporary modern Russian, from Morphology to Pragmatics, from Formal approaches to Functional perspectives.

The members of KASL are professors, graduate students and a number of slavic linguists. Anyone interested in Slavic Languages, Slavic Linguistics and Slavic cultures, and anybody willing to discuss linguistic questions can be a member of KASL.

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